Benefits of Diabetic & Obesity Surgery

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Benefits of Diabetic & Obesity Surgery

Untreated Obesity & Diabetes increase the chances of early death:

Severe obesity is associated with a large number of health problems in addition to Type 2 diabetes. A review of more than 1.4 million participants in prospective studies largely from North America, Europe and Australia show a consistent progressive rise in the mortality hazard ratios with increasing BMI. (Berrington de et al. Body mass index and mortality among 1.46 million white adults. N Engl J Med 2010; 363:2211–2219)

A similar analysis by the Prospective Studies Collaboration found the risk of diabetes-related death was quadrupled for morbidly obese individuals (Whitlock G et al. Body mass index and cause-specific mortality in 900 000 adults: collaborative analyses of 57 prospective studies. Lancet 2009;373: 1083–1096)

Obesity & Diabetes Surgery prolong overall survival:

Follow-up of participants in the Swedish Obese Subjects Study after an average of 11 years found that bariatric surgery was associated with a 29% reduction in all-cause mortality after accounting for sex, age and risk factors in this severely obese group. (Sjostrom L et al. Effects of bariatric surgery on mortality in Swedish obese subjects.N Engl J Med2007;357: 741–752)

Another study also has confirmed this mortality advantage when compared with community matched control subjects. (Adams TD et al. Long-term mortality after gastric bypass surgery. N Engl J Med2007;357: 753–761)

Specific mortality reductions in the operated group were 56% for coronary artery disease, 92% for diabetes and 60% for cancer when compared with matched controls. Bariatric surgery also led to a specific reduction in cancer incidence in women. (Sjostrom L et al. Effects of bariatric surgery on cancer incidence in obese patients in Sweden. Swedish Obese Subjects Study. Prospective, controlled intervention trial. Lancet Oncol 2009; 10:653–662)

Surgery improves overall quality of life:

Many studies have demonstrated major improvements in health-related quality of life following surgery using both generic and obesity-specific quality-of-life instruments. (Kolotkin RL. Two-year changes in health-related quality of life in gastric bypass patients compared with severely obese controls. Surg Obes Relat Dis2009;5: 250–256)