Diabetic - Cost-effective

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Cost-effective: Diabetic Surgery is cost-effective than life long medical treatment

The costs of Type 2 diabetes are substantial: In the USA, the lifetime cost has been estimated at $US 172 000 for a person diagnosed at the age of 50 years and $US 305 000 if diagnosed at the age of 30 years. The estimate included both the direct medical costs of diabetes and its complications and indirect costs caused by work absence, reduced productivity at work, disability and premature death. Over 60% of the medical cost was incurred within 10 years of diagnosis. (Zhuo X. Life-time cost of type 2 diabetes in the US. Presented at the American Diabetes Association meeting, 25–29 June 2010, Orlando, FL, USA. Abstract 0434-PP)

Diabetic Surgery & Weight loss Surgery is the cost saving tool: Surgery for severe obesity, regardless of diabetes status, has been assessed as cost-effective and, in some analyses, cost saving.

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