Recommendation for Children

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Recommendation for Children

Long-term whole-of-family lifestyle change, with high-quality medical management, is the mainstay of paediatric obesity treatment. However, the growing prevalence of severe obesity in children and adolescents demonstrates a need for additional therapy.

Bariatric surgery is only considered suitable for adolescents of developmental and physical maturity.

Australian and New Zealand Colleges for paediatric physicians and surgeons and the Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and New Zealand has recommended that surgery be considered

  1. If adolescents had BMI > 40 kg⁄m2
  2. > 35 kg⁄m2with severe co-morbidities (including Type 2 diabetes)
  3. Aged 15 years or more
  4. Tanner pubertal stage 4 or 5 and skeletal maturity
  5. Can give informed consent
  6. Potential candidates should have failed a multidisciplinary programme of lifestyle & pharmacotherapy for 6 months
  7. Patient & his family must be motivated and understand the need to participate in post-surgical therapy and follow-up