Dr Avinash Tank, Super-specialist Liver, Pancreas & Gastro-intestinal Surgeon, Ahmedabad, India

Liver-Biliary Pancreas & Gastro-intestinal Surgery

Dr Avinash Tank, Super-specialist Liver, Pancreas & Gastro-intestinal Surgeon, Ahmedabad, India
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Liver-Biliary Pancreas & Gastro-intestinal Surgery

Pancreas & Gastro-intestinal Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Pancreas & Gastro-intestinal Surgeon in India, Pancreas & Gastro-intestinal Surgeon in USA
Dr Avinash Tank is a super-specialist Liver & Gastro-intestinal Surgeon, being trained at most prestigious centre of country (SGPGIMS) & Abroad (Japan & South Korea).Dr Avinash Tank For Gastroenterologist Surgeon in India, Gastroenterologist Surgeon in Gujarat, Gastroenterologist Surgeon in Ahmedabad.

He has presented many research papers at prestigious international and national conferences and recipient of many international awards.

He has been invited at many reputed regional & national scientific meetings to deliver lectures and to chair sessions.

He is having experience of more than a decade to treat all surgical disease (like Stone, Cancer & Obesity) of Liver, Gall-bladdder, & Gastro-intestinal organs by laparoscopic technique and also performing complex surgery by open approach. Hence patient gets uncompromised complete treatment for his disease at same time.

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