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Have you been thinking of adding more physical activity to your life? Have you thought about yoga? Yoga is a great way to be more active and is the most popular physical activity.

On the international YOGA day the information and tips below can help you make Diet and Physical activity part of your daily routine.

In a physical activity CAN YOGA - DIET HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT?

Yes, yoga may be a useful addition to an overall weight-loss plan that includes regular aerobic exercises and a calorie controlled. To lose weight you want to reduce the calories take in and increase the calories you burn.

Especially yoga gets a lot of credit for helping create stronger, leaner muscles and also it can help you to lose weight.

Here’s why you should try Diet with Yoga for weight loss?

  • Yoga can burn calories
  • Yoga improved mindfulness of your body & your ability to regulate your diet.
  • Yoga reduced stress which can contribute to poor eating choices.
  • Yoga improved self-esteem and mood.
  • Yoga with regular diet pattern improves health mood and quality of life. Being more specific may help you manage your weight.

Tracking your progress can help you keep moving. Be safe- start slowly, drink plenty of liquids and talk with your health care professionals if you have a health issue. Add at least 30-40 min yoga a day and reward yourself…!

Thank you for Reading this small article on international YOGA day… keep in touch with DWARIKA CLINIC, SATELLITE, AHMEDABAD - wealways ready to help you if you have any health issue regarding your WEIGHT

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