Obesity is a serious disease which should not be taken lightly at any cost. Obesity in teens is pretty common these days and gastroenterologists in Ahmedabad recommend taking proper treatment before it causes much damage to one’s health. But what causes obesity? Frankly speaking, obesity is a puzzling disease. According to the surgeons providing weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad, there can be various reasons behind teen obesity.

For an individual, the reasons could be one or more of the following-

  • Socioeconomic reasons
  • Genetic reasons
  • One’s metabolism
  • Lack of sleep
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Obesity is closely linked to genes. Even if one of the parents is obese, there is a high risk of the child suffering from obesity as well. Unhealthy lifestyle also leads to obesity, say experts of weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad. Lack of exercise and overeating also causes obesity in teens.

How Obesity Affects a Teen’s Health?

  • Diabetes

Obesity can cause type 2 diabetes. Since it affects insulin and hormones that control sugar, blood sugar levels are higher.

  • Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea and respiratory problems are common in teens suffering from obesity. Interrupted sleep at night and breathing problems for small periods are some of the problems obese teens face. As a result, asthma is also common in obese teens.

  • Emotional Health

Obese teens are unable to take part in activities other teens usually do. Because of low self-esteem and physical health, they do not mingle much with people which affects their emotional health a big time.

  • Joint Problems

Because of excessive weight, joints get affected and teens might also suffer from diseases such as osteoarthritis. To keep such problems at bay, one must consider getting a weight loss surgery in Ahmedabad.

Tips to Prevent Obesity in Teens

As a responsible parent, you must encourage your kid to take part in physical activities early on in their life. Teens must at least have a physical activity of one hour every day. Nowadays, children and teens spend a lot of time watching TV and playing games on smart-phones. Cut down on their junk food and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. You must pay regular visits to a good gastroenterologist in Ahmedabad for a proper and healthy diet plan. The diet chart and work-out schedule given by the expert must be followed for a healthy and obesity free body.

 If your child or one of your friends or relatives is suffering from obesity, you should consider an obesity expert as soon as possible.

For more questions about obesity or its treatment, feel free to get in touch with us.

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