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In obesity population, there is an increasing societal and behavioural impact of ill health in later life. People who adopt healthy lifestyles are more likely to have successful weight management.

To engage obese people in weight management, a good understanding is needed about the consequences of excess weight gain. Now a day’s obesity is considered to be one of the most important threats to public health worldwide due to increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, Cholesterol, fatty liver, cancer, gall bladder stones etc…

Here we have the solutions for obese people by giving facilitators and barriers for weight management


  • Change in eating behavior
  • Increase In physical activity
  • Avoid energy dense food and adequate in other nutrients
  • Social support
  • In daily meal awareness of calorie content of balanced diet
  • Sufficient bulk of fibre rich foods to provide satiety
  • More use of local, traditional, seasonal and familiar foods.
  • Follow healthy foods when eating out
  • Reasonable in cost


  • No self-control
  • Not enough exercising
  • Abnormal Eating habits, eat more fast foods
  • Eat quickly when favorite foods have.
  • Stress
  • Eat everything on plate in large volume
  • When lot of food around – continuously nibbling’s between the meals.
  • More liking for fatty food and sweets
  • Eat food after a long time, with over eating

With the help of facilitators, person should physically satisfied and get a sense of joy and happiness, increased confidence even with a little weight loss. These barriers leads to increase fatigue, weak feelings and give lack of motivation, family support thus increases physical problems.

If you are currently following this barriers and want to get motivated and also starts to follow facilitators to start weight loss, please feel free to contact at Dwarika Clinic any time.

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