Gastric Balloon

  •   A soft balloon is placed by surgeon using endoscope through mouth into stomach. The balloon is then inflated inside the stomach by using a saline solution.
  •   Once inflated, the balloon occupies space in stomach thus helps to reduce the capacity of the stomach. It gives feeling of fullness, thus you eat less without feeling hungry.
  •   This procedure generally takes 30 minutes and performed under sedation to keep you pain free.


  •   The “Intra-gastric-balloon” is a non-surgical procedure for treatment of obesity. The “Intra-gastric balloon” helps to shed off excess weight without having scar of surgery.
  •  “Intra-gastric balloon’ procedure is suitable for those who have failed to lose desired weight after following strict diets and exercise regimens.


  •   “Intra-gastric-balloon” helps to lose weight between 15 to 25 kg.
  •   The “Intra-gastric balloon” procedure gives best results when it is used in conjunction with proper diet and regular exercise.

Risks & Side effect

  •   Rupture of balloon & Obstruction of intestine by balloon
  •   Weight loss is temporary. You may regain weight following removal of balloon.
Gastric Balloon

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