Sleeve Gastrectomy

In the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is divided along its vertical length in order to create a slender pouch. The excess stomach is removed. The purpose is to limit the amount of food ingested at any give time (restrictive operation), without altering the normal absorption of the vitamins and minerals.


  •   The rest of the gastrointestinal tract anatomy is not altered, so the food ingested follows the normal course. This results in less chance of developing lack of vitamins and minerals and eliminates dumping syndrome.
  •   The procedure decreases significantly the hunger by removing the part of the stomach that produces the main stimulating hormones - grelin.
  •   Minimize the chance of developing ulcers.
  •   Fewer office visits that the Lap Band, since there is no need for band size adjustments.


  •   Lap sleeve gastrectomy has shown to lose 66% of excess weight at 3 yr follow-up.


  •   Staple line leak/bleed, may need re-operation to for it.
  •   Narrowing of tube
  •   Risk to life: 0-0.5%
Sleeve Gastrectomy

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