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Dr. Avinash Tank

Dr Avinash Tank, is a super-specialist (MCh) Laparoscopic Gastro-intestinal Surgeon, who has in-depth knowledge of disease of digestive organ and their treatment. He has been trained at most prestigious centre of country (SGPGIMS) & Abroad (Japan & South Korea). He is the recipient of many awards at various prestigious international and national conferences.

He is having experience of more than a decade & more than thousand surgeries to treat all surgical disease (like Obesity, Stone & Cancer) of Liver, Gall-bladdder, & Gastro-intestinal organs by laparoscopic approach (Key Hole Surgery) & open approach. Being an active member of Prestigious International Surgical Societies, he remains update on advances in treatment and had delivered international quality results for his patients at home.


  •   United European Gastroenterology Federation (UEGF) Council has awarded International Scholarship to attend 16th United European gastroenterology week on October 2008 at Vienna, Austria.
  •   Research Award by various societies for presentation of clinical research.
    •   Japan Surgical Society (JSS) 2010, Nagoya, Japan
    •   Gastro 2009 / UEGW, London
    •   European Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (EHPBA) 2009, Athens, Greece
    •   World Congress of Gastrointestinal Cancer (WCGC) 2009, Barcelona, Spain
    •   IHPBA, Indian Chapter 2009, Banglore, India
Presentation & Conferences
International Conferences Presentations

  •   15th International Fedaration for Surgery of Obesity & Metabolic disorder, IFSO 2010 (California) 3rd to 7th September 2010. Single Incision Trans-umbilical Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: Early results from India. (Co-Author).
  •   15th International Federation for Surgery of Obesity & Metabolic disorder, IFSO 2010 (California). A modified duodenal switch technique. Early results from India. (Co-Author).
  •   27th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery ASMBS 2010 (Las Vegas) 21st to 26th June 2010. Gastric Imbrication for Morbid Obesity: Early result of New Technique. (Co-Author).
  •   110th Japanese Surgical Society meeting JSS 2010 (Nagoya), 8th to 10th April 2010. mental flap reduces pancreatic anastomotic leak related mortality following pancreatico-duodenectomy.
  •   GASTRO 2009 UEGW/WCOG" (London), 21st to 25th November 2009 : Shunt surgery for hypersplenism in Extra-Hepatic Portal Vein Obstruction (EHPVO) also relieves portal biliopathy.
  •   43rd World Congress of Surgery of the International Surgical Society (ISW 2009), Adelaide (Australia), 6th to 10th September 2009. Risk factors for mortality following pancreatico-duodenectomy.
  •   8th Congress of European Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (EHPBA) 2009, Athens (Greece), June 2009. Post pancreatico-duodenectomy pancreatitis: Predictors and outcome.
  •   11th World Congress of Gastro-intestinal Cancer (WCGC) 2009, Barcilona (Spain), June 2009. Adjuvant therapy for ampullary carcinoma
  •   In 5th Conference of the Indian Chapter of International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA) 2009, at Banglore, Presented poster on Outcome of pancreatico-duodenectomy for benign disease
  •   8th World Congress of the International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA) 2008 at Bombay, India. Presented poster on Eighty consecutive pancreatico-duodenectomies without mortality.
  •   4th Conference of the Indian Chapter of International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA) 2007, Lucknow, India. Received first prize for poster 65 consecutive pancreatico-duodenectomies without mortality
  •   4th Conference of the Indian Chapter of International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (IHPBA) 2007, Lucknow, India. Donor Safety profile in living related liver transplantation : SGPGI experience.
International Conferences Participation

  •   The IASGO-IASG Advanced Course in HPB & Liver Transplant Surgery for Cancer, held on14th & 15 th July 2012 at Gurgaon ( New Delhi)
National Conferences Presentations

  •   4th Certificate Course in Hepato-Biliary & Pancreatic Surgery, held on 19-24th March 2012, Presented Faculty Lecture on Management of Jaundice for Palliation
  •   17th National Conference of the Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG) 2008 at Chennai, presented oral paper on Post pancreatico-duodenectomy pancreatitis: Predictors and outcome.
  •   16th National Conference of the Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG) 2007, at AIIMS, New Delhi, presented paper on Re-admissions after pancreaticoduodenectomies: Predictors and outcome.
  •   15th National Conference of the Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology (IASG) held at SGPGIMS, Lucknow on 2006, presented paper on Management of gastrointestinal fistula in acute severe pancreatitis.
National Conferences Participation

  •   Mid Term Conference of IASG (Indian Society of Surgical Gastroenterology), on Update in Digestive Diseases held on 10-13 January 2013 at Ahmedabad as a Chairperson in Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Workshop.
  •   Laparoscpic Knotting & Suturing Workshop organized by IAGES (Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal Endo-Surgeons)-West Zone, held on 20-21ST October 2012 at Ahmedabad.
  •   10th Binnial National Congress of IAGES (Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal Endo-Surgeons), held on 16-19th February, 2012 at Ahmedabad.
  •   Mid-term OSSICON (Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society of India), held on 15-16th October 2010 at Ahmedabad.
  •   28th National Conference of Association of Colon & Rectum Surgeon of India, ACRSICON 2005, held on 4-9th October, 2005 at Lucknow.
  •   1st North Zone Conference of Indian Society of Oncology & Operative Surgery Video Workshop, held on 7-8 April, 2001 at Jaipur.
State Level Conferences Presentations

  •   Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of India (Gujarat Chapter), GUJSURGCON 2011, held on 19-20th November 2011 at Ahmedabad, as a Chairperson for Symposium on Acute Abdomen
  •   UP State Chapter of Indian Gastroenterology Conference (UPISGCON) 2008, at Kanpur, presented poster on Resectional Surgery in Achalasia Cardia.
  •   Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of India (Rajasthan Chapter), ASIRAJ 2002, held on 9-10th november 2002 at Jaipur, presented Paper Necrotising Fasciitis: An Experience of 45 Cases
  •   Annual Conference of Association of Surgeons of India (Rajasthan Chapter), ASIRAJ 2002, held on 9-10th november 2002 at Jaipur, presented Paper Surgical Emergencies of Geriatric Cases: Retrospective Study.
  •   RAJASICON (Annual Conference of Rajasthan State Chapter of ASI (Association of Surgeon of India), held on 24-25th November, 2001 at Kota, presented Paper on Role of Tube Caecostomy in Primary Left Colonic Anastomosis in Emergency Surgery.
Symposium/Workshop/CME participation

  •   Mater Class in Liver Disease: HPB Oncology, held on 7-8th Decomber 2012 at Chennai.
  •   Liver Update 2012: Colorectal Metastasis from Colorectal Cancer, held on 7th October, 2012 at Ahmedabad.
  •   Professional Affair & Clinical Educational (PACE) Hernia Programme, held on 7-8th March 2011 at New Delhi.
  •   Liver Update 2011: Multidisciplinary Approach to Liver Cancer, held on 10-11 Sept 2011 at Ahmedabad
  •   Workshop on Research Methodology & Scientific Communication, organised as a part of 15th National Conference of IASG, held on 8th October 2006 at Lucknow.
  •   13th Surgical Gastroenterology Week, Theme: Disease of Pancreas, held on 24-26th March 2006 at Lucknow.
  •   12th Surgical Gastroenterology Week, Theme: Problem in Surgical Gastroenterology-Algorithmic Approach:, held on 30th Jan- 1st February 2004 at Lucknow.
  •   11th Surgical Gastroenterology Week, Theme: Complications in Surgical Gastroenterology:, held on 14-16Feb 2003 at Lucknow.
  •   5th SR Naik Memorial Workshop on Computers & Informatics in Medicine, held on 30-31st August, 2008 at Lucknow
  •   International Cancer Conference on Colorectal & Breast Cancer, held on 30-31st March 2002 at Delhi. (8 CME points awarded by Delhi Medical Council)
  •   Workshop in Laparoscopic Surgery held on 5th December 1999 at JLN Medical College, Ajmer, Rajasthan
  •   CME on Breast Disease, held on 17th October, 1999 at JLN Medical College, Ajmer, Rajasthan.

  •   Living related Liver Transplantation, at Asan Medical Centre, Seoul, South Korea. I had experience regarding treatment of Liver diseases, including Liver transplantation, advanced surgery for liver & laparoscopic liver resectional surgery.
  •   Liver-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery fellowship at Department of Gastroenterolgoy surgery, Nagoya University, Japan. Where I had an opportunity to observe and assist the extended liver resection for hilar cholangio carcinoma and segmental resection for Liver cancer and extended pancreatico-duodenectomy (vascular resection).
  •   Resectional surgery in achalasia cardia: Avinash Kumar Tank, Ashok Kumar, TLVD Prasad,Rajneesh Kumar Singh, Rajan Saxena, Vinay Kumar Kapoor. International Journal of Surgery, 2009 Apr;7(2):155-8. Epub 2009 Feb 6. doi 10.1016.j.ijsu.2008.11.006.
  •   Re-admissions after pancreatico-duodenectomies: Predictors and outcome: J GI Surg (Submitted).
  •   Eighty consecutive pancreatico-duodenectomies without mortality: Tropical Gastroenterology (Submitted)

  •   Rajasthan Medical Council
  •   Medical Council of India
  •   Gujarat Medical Council

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