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A Surgeon’s Ode to the Anaesthetist on the Occasion of World Anaesthesia Day 16th October 2023

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A Surgeon’s Ode to the Anaesthetist on the Occasion of World Anaesthesia Day 16th October 2023
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Anaesthetists, the unsung heroes of the surgical realm, hold a special place in my heart. As a surgeon, I’ve witnessed their unparalleled dedication since my early days in training up to my current practice across diverse cities.

They possess the remarkable ability to render patients unconscious during surgery, ensuring a painless experience while vigilantly safeguarding their lives.

The true magic, however, unfolds post-surgery when patients, with smiles on their faces, regain consciousness.

Each morning, as I express gratitude for the thanks and blessings bestowed upon me, I never forget to acknowledge the silent orchestrators of these moments – my anaesthetist colleagues.

On World Anaesthesia Day 2023, I extend my heartfelt wishes for their continued success and well-being. To all anaesthetists, you reside in our minds and souls, forever our indispensable backbone.

In the theater of healing, where lives are reborn, A silent hero stands, amidst the surgeon’s dawn.


Anaesthetist, my partner, in shadows unseen, Your efforts unseen, yet your presence keen.


A symphony of monitors, a dance of vital signs, Heartbeats and breaths, your watchful designs.


In the realm of emergencies, where seconds are gold, You navigate the chaos, a story untold.


Through the labyrinth of surgery, intricate and vast,

You’re the steady hand, ensuring no moment is surpassed.


In the dance of the scalpel, where precision is key,

Your care orchestrates the rhythm, setting patients free.


When blood mingles with uncertainty, staining the field,

You handle the crimson tide, ensuring wounds are healed.


Adjusting the lights to illuminate the darkest part,

You’re the silent maestro, creating surgical art.


In the jointing of organs, the crafting of repair, Your calm assurance floats, a comforting air.


When questions arise in the complexity of the unknown,

Your words bring solace, a sanctuary sown.


Through the maze of challenges, where fear may arise,

You weave a cocoon of comfort, dispelling all lies.


And as consciousness returns, with a painless smile,

Your presence lingers, a friend through the trial.


Dear anaesthetist, my partner in this grand ballet, I extend my gratitude, in the surgeon’s humble way.


For in your unseen efforts, in your silent embrace,

Lies the foundation of every successful surgical grace.


To the real hidden hero, in the theatre’s quiet hum,

May your journey be purposeful, your spirit overcome.


In the dance of life’s surgeries, side by side we stand,

Surgeon and anaesthetist, a harmonious healing band.


Dr Avinash Tank


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