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Innovative ‘Happiness Health Card’ Introduced for Healthcare Expenses in Gujarat and Saurashtra

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Innovative ‘Happiness Health Card’ Introduced for Healthcare Expenses in Gujarat and Saurashtra
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Ahmedabad-based healthcare company, Happiness Innovations Private Limited, has unveiled the ‘Happiness Health Card’ and a mobile application aimed at providing a comprehensive health ecosystem to the people of Gujarat and Saurashtra.

This unique initiative allows individuals to make purchases in the market without physical cash using a credit card and offers a convenient payment solution for hospital treatments.

The Happiness Health Card enables customers to pay their hospital bills on credit while also availing discounts on medicines and laboratory charges.

Initially launched in Gujarat, the card covers over 5000 medical stores, providing relief in medical expenses for cardholders.

Future plans include extending coverage to doctors, hospitals, and laboratories as well.

Mayursinh Jadeja and Jaydeepbhai Nandani, founders of Happiness Innovations, who have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, stated that the company’s vision is to encompass the entire healthcare ecosystem. They explained that the credit limit of the health card can be increased based on the cardholder’s usage and payment track record.

The health card offers a minimum discount of 10% on medicine bills and up to 40% on laboratory charges. Additionally, cardholders benefit from free home delivery of medicines.

The Happiness mobile application complements the health card, providing features like health tips, reminders, alerts, and online consultations.

To obtain a health card, interested individuals can apply online through the Happiness mobile application or website.

The eligibility criteria include

  • being a resident of Gujarat or Saurashtra, being above 18 years of age,
  • possessing a valid Aadhaar card and PAN card, and
  • having a monthly income of at least Rs 10,000.
  • Applicants should also have a clean financial record without any defaults or pending dues with banks or financial institutions.

The Happiness Health Card is a pioneering initiative in India, providing credit facilities for healthcare expenses along with discounts and other benefits. It aims to alleviate the burden of medical costs and enhance access to healthcare services for the people of Gujarat and Saurashtra.

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