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Krishan Janmashtami: 50 Names of Lord Krishna

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Krishan Janmashtami: 50 Names of Lord Krishna
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Krishan Janmashtami: 50 Names of Lord Krishna


Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is a deity of immense reverence in Hinduism.

The birthday of Lord Krishana is celebrated worldwide as Krishna Janmashtami, which is also has various names in India in different states.

His divine life is adorned with myriad names, each reflecting a unique facet of his transcendental personality.

In this article, we delve into the spiritual significance of the “50 Names of Lord Krishna,” offering insight into the divine essence that these names encapsulate.

Understanding the 50 Names of Lord Krishna

  1. Krishna: The name signifies his dark, enchanting complexion.
  2. Govinda: The protector of cows and the land.
  3. Madhava: The consort of the goddess of fortune.
  4. Gopala: The guardian of cows.
  5. Kanha: His endearing childhood name.
  6. Hari: The remover of sins and compassionate one.
  7. Murari: The vanquisher of the demon Mura.
  8. Vasudeva: Son of Vasudeva, his father’s name.
  9. Devakinandana: Beloved son of Devaki, his mother’s name.
  10. Dwarkadheesh: The sovereign of Dwarka.
  11. Yashoda Nandan: The cherished son of Yashoda.
  12. Shyamsundar: The dark and charming Lord.
  13. Ranchhod: The one who left the battlefield.
  14. Parthasarathy: The charioteer of Arjuna.
  15. Girdhari: The lifter of Govardhan Hill.
  16. Mohan: The enchanting and captivating one.
  17. Mukunda: The giver of liberation.
  18. Bihari: The one who enjoys pastimes.
  19. Jagannath: The Lord of the Universe.
  20. Dwarkadhish: The king of Dwarka.
  21. Achyuta: The infallible one.
  22. Govardhanadhari: The lifter of Govardhan Hill.
  23. Radhakrishna: The divine couple of Radha and Krishna.
  24. Muralidhar: The one who holds the divine flute.
  25. Chakradhari: The wielder of the Sudarshana Chakra.
  26. Nandlal: Beloved son of Nanda.
  27. Nandalal: Beloved son of Nanda.
  28. Shreeji: The embodiment of auspiciousness.
  29. Dwarkesh: The Lord of Dwarka.
  30. Kamalnayan: The lotus-eyed one.
  31. Gopinath: The beloved of the Gopis.
  32. Mohanchandra: The enchanting moon.
  33. Krishnamurari: The vanquisher of the demon Mura.
  34. KunjBihari: The one who enjoys the groves of Vrindavan.
  35. Makhan Chor: The butter thief.
  36. Bal Gopal: The young and playful Lord.
  37. Radhekrishna: The divine pair of Radha and Krishna.
  38. Nathwar: The Lord of the devotees.
  39. Laddu Gopal: The one who loves sweets.
  40. Yashoda Nandan: Beloved son of Yashoda.
  41. Kanhaiya: A playful name from his childhood.
  42. Shyamal: The one with a dark complexion.
  43. NathdwaraNath: The Lord of Nathdwara.
  44. Navneet Chora: The one who relishes butter.
  45. Navneet Shyam: The dark Lord who loves butter.
  46. Giridhari: The holder of Govardhan Hill.
  47. Banke Bihari: The one who enjoys the forest.
  48. Lal Gopal: The young and red-lotus Lord.
  49. RanChhodrai: The one who left the battlefield.
  50. Nanhe Kanha: The beloved little Krishna.


The “50 Names of Lord Krishna” offer a spiritual tapestry of his divine personality. Chanting these names with devotion brings solace and a deeper connection with the Supreme Being. Each name resonates with profound significance, reminding devotees of the eternal love, compassion, and wisdom of Lord Krishna, the embodiment of divine grace.

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