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Sacred Colour of 9 Goddess of Navratri.

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Sacred Colour of 9 Goddess of Navratri.
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Sacred Colour of 9 Goddess of Navratri. Navratri, a celebration of divine feminine energy, unfolds over nine days, each dedicated to a unique Goddess.

A fascinating aspect of this vibrant festival is the choice of colors associated with each day.

Let’s delve into the significance of these hues, unlocking the divine symbolism they carry.

Day 1: Orange – Goddess Shailputri

The dawn of Navratri begins with the radiance of orange, symbolizing vigor and positivity. Devotees honor Goddess Shailputri, the embodiment of nature and strength.

Day 2: White – Goddess Brahmacharini

White, the color of purity, graces the second day. It signifies devotion and simplicity, reflecting the divine energy of Goddess Brahmacharini, a symbol of love and loyalty.

Day 3: Red – Goddess Chandraghanta

As the festival gains momentum, red takes center stage on the third day. This vibrant color represents action and vigor, aligning with the warrior Goddess Chandraghanta.

Day 4: Royal Blue – Goddess Kushmanda

The regal shade of blue adorns the fourth day. It symbolizes calmness and cosmic energy, resonating with the benevolent Goddess Kushmanda, creator of the universe.

Day 5: Yellow – Goddess Skandamata

The halfway mark is celebrated with the brightness of yellow, embodying joy and positivity. This color is dedicated to Goddess Skandamata, the nurturing mother of Lord Skanda.

Day 6: Green – Goddess Katyayani

Green, the color of nature, graces the sixth day. It represents harmony and growth, aligning with the fierce Goddess Katyayani, a symbol of courage.

Day 7: Gray – Goddess Kalaratri

The seventh day sees the inclusion of gray, symbolizing the strength of transformation. Devotees honor Goddess Kalaratri, the destroyer of ignorance and darkness.

Day 8: Purple – Goddess Mahagauri

Purple, a blend of stability and mysticism, adorns the eighth day. It symbolizes the radiant Goddess Mahagauri, representing purity and serenity.

Day 9: Peacock Green – Goddess Siddhidatri

The final day is adorned with peacock green, symbolizing self-discipline and awakening. Devotees honor Goddess Siddhidatri, the bestower of mystical powers.

As you immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of Navratri, may each color resonate with the divine energy it represents, bringing joy, peace, and blessings into your life.




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