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A Game-Changer for Early Gastric Cancer Detection

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A Game-Changer for Early Gastric Cancer Detection

A Game-Changer for Early Gastric Cancer Detection: A New Blood Test Shows Promise.

A research team led by the Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine has discovered that the stromal cell-derived factor 4 (SDF-4) protein is a reliable cancer marker.

As simple blood tests accurately detect the protein, their findings suggest the potential of the marker in the early detection of gastric cancer.


Hope on the horizon for early cancer diagnosis!

Researchers from Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine have discovered a promising new blood test marker for various cancers, including gastric cancer, using a protein called stromal cell-derived factor 4 (SDF-4).

This simple blood test could revolutionize cancer detection, leading to earlier diagnosis and potentially better treatment outcomes.

Why is this such a breakthrough?


  • Early detection is crucial:

Gastrointestinal cancers, like gastric cancer, are often discovered too late for effective treatment.

This new marker, SDF-4, shows elevated levels in the blood of cancer patients, even in early stages, offering a valuable window for intervention.


  • More accurate than existing markers:

Conventional tumor markers like CEA and CA19-9 have limitations in sensitivity and specificity, meaning they may miss some cancers or give false positives.

SDF-4 boasts a remarkable 89% sensitivity and 99% specificity, significantly outperforming these established markers.


  • Applicable to multiple cancers:

The good news doesn’t stop with gastric cancer.

SDF-4 levels were also elevated in patients with esophageal, colorectal, pancreatic, breast, and liver cancers, suggesting its potential as a broad-spectrum cancer marker.

What does this mean for the future?

The researchers are already collaborating with a company to develop devices for SDF-4 detection, paving the way for its integration into routine cancer screening.

This could mean:

  • Earlier diagnosis:

Identifying cancer at early stages can significantly improve treatment options and survival rates.


  • More effective treatment:

Knowing the type of cancer early allows for targeted therapies, potentially leading to better outcomes.


  • Improved cancer screening:

A simple blood test like this could make cancer screening more accessible and widespread, potentially saving countless lives.


While further research is needed, the potential of SDF-4 as a game-changer in early cancer detection is undeniable.

This breakthrough offers hope for a future where cancer is diagnosed and treated before it has a chance to take hold.

More information:

A Game-Changer for Early Gastric Cancer Detection. Takahiro Shinozuka et al, Identification of stromal cell-derived factor 4 as a liquid biopsy-based diagnostic marker in solid cancers, Scientific Reports (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-023-42201-2

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