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First cardiac bioimplants for treatment of Heart Attack & Failure.

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First cardiac bioimplants for treatment of Heart Attack & Failure.

First cardiac bioimplants for treatment of Heart Attack & Failure.

A new study published in eBioMedicine reports on the success of a pioneering‌ bioimplant therapy called PeriCord for heart regeneration. This therapy utilizes stem cells and tissue engineering to potentially revolutionize treatment for heart attack patients.

Derived from Stem Cells and Donor Tissue

PeriCord is the world’s first tissue engineering product made from umbilical cord stem cells and pericardium tissue from a donor. This bioimplant is used during coronary bypass surgery to specifically target and repair the scar tissue left by a heart attack.

Excellent Biocompatibility and No Rejection

The study, led by researchers at Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP) and Banc de Sang i Teixits (BST), monitored seven patients who received PeriCord implants over three years. The results were highly promising, demonstrating excellent biocompatibility with no signs of rejection.

More Than Just Repair: Anti-inflammatory Properties

While the primary focus of the study was safety, researchers discovered additional benefits of PeriCord. The bioimplant exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, opening doors for broader applications in treating various inflammatory conditions beyond heart disease.

Promising Results for Heart Attack Patients

The study participants included patients with heart attack-induced heart failure. PeriCord, used in conjunction with coronary bypass surgery, offered hope for improved heart function and potentially a better quality of life.

Building on Donor Generosity

PeriCord leverages both umbilical cord stem cells from newborns and multi-tissue pericardial tissue from donors. Researchers acknowledge the importance of tissue donors in making this innovative therapy possible.

How PeriCord Works

The bioimplant is a membrane created from processed pericardial tissue, then populated with umbilical cord stem cells. During surgery, doctors attach PeriCord to the damaged area of the heart, stimulating cellular repair mechanisms to heal the scar tissue.

A New Frontier in Heart Treatment

This study represents a significant step forward in the field of tissue engineering and heart disease treatment. PeriCord’s safety and potential for broader applications hold immense promise for improving patient outcomes after heart attacks and potentially treating other inflammatory conditions.

What are Heart Attacks and Heart Failure?

  • Heart Attack: A heart attack occurs when a blockage in the coronary arteries cuts off blood flow to a part of the heart. This can damage or destroy heart tissue, leading to scar formation.
  • Heart Failure: Heart failure is a chronic condition where the heart is unable to pump blood effectively throughout the body. While heart attacks can contribute to heart failure, they are not the same condition.

Causes of Heart Attack and Heart Failure

Several factors can increase the risk of both heart attack and heart failure, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Family history of heart disease

Preventing Heart Attack and Heart Failure

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for preventing heart disease and its complications. Here are some key steps:

  • Eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Manage stress
  • Don’t smoke
  • See your doctor for regular checkups
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