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Millions Remain Untreated Despite Hepatitis C Cure in USA.

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Millions Remain Untreated Despite Hepatitis C Cure in USA.

Millions Remain Untreated Despite Hepatitis C Cure in USA. Despite a readily available cure since 2014, nearly four million Americans remain infected with Hepatitis C, a potentially fatal liver disease, according to American Liver Foundation. This paradox exposes a multitude of challenges within the US healthcare system, leaving millions at risk of preventable illness and death.

The Cure Within Reach:

A simple, once-daily pill boasts a near-98% success rate in eradicating the virus, according to research published in the Journal of Hepatology. Yet, access remains severely restricted by:

  • Cost: The exorbitant price of the medication puts it out of reach for many, contributing to the 58 million Americans experiencing medication insecurity.
  • Administrative Burdens: Insurance companies often impose unreasonable hurdles, like abstinence from drugs or alcohol, before approving treatment. This disproportionately impacts those struggling with addiction, a major contributor to Hepatitis C cases.
  • Limited Access: Testing and treatment are frequently unavailable, particularly in low-income and rural communities, leaving millions unaware of their infection and unable to access potentially life-saving intervention.

The Ripple Effect:

This crisis extends far beyond individual health, impacting:

  • Liver Disease: Hepatitis C is the leading cause of liver cancer and liver scarring, claiming over 15,000 American lives annually.
  • Health Disparities: Unequal access to testing and treatment exacerbates existing health disparities, disproportionately affecting marginalized communities.
  • Economic Burden: The healthcare costs of untreated Hepatitis C are significant, placing an unnecessary strain on the healthcare system.

A Glimmer of Hope:

President Biden’s proposed five-year program offers a potential path forward, aiming to:

  • Increase access to curative medications.
  • Provide free treatment to the most vulnerable.
  • Expand point-of-care testing for wider detection.

A Global Responsibility:

The US, a global leader, should follow the example of nations like Australia, which have achieved widespread access to curative treatments. A proactive approach is crucial to end this ongoing crisis, preventing needless suffering and death.

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