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Robotic Surgery Offers Hope for Cancer Patients.

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Robotic Surgery Offers Hope for Cancer Patients.

Robotic Surgery Offers Hope for Cancer Patients. The Satellite Medical Association, in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, recently held a session at Hotel Ramada to explore the advancements in robotic surgery for cancer treatment.

Dr. Manish Agrawal, President of the Association and a renowned Diabetologist, welcomed the esteemed speakers, Dr. Swati Shah and Dr. Harsh Shah, both accomplished robotic surgeons.

Focus on Minimally Invasive Techniques:

Dr. Swati Shah, specializing in Robotic Urology and Gynecological Oncology, emphasized the significance of HPV vaccination in significantly reducing cervical cancer risk among Indian women.

She also shared her valuable insights and experiences in performing complex cancer surgeries with the aid of robotic technology.

Dr. Shah highlighted the benefits of robotic surgery, including minimal patient pain and faster recovery times, allowing them to return to their daily routines sooner.

Enhanced Surgical Precision:

Dr. Harsh Shah, a Robotic Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgeon based in Ahmedabad, delved into the technical advantages of robotic surgery.

He explained how robotic instruments offer surgeons a wider range of motion, enabling them to perform intricate dissections and sutures on organs and blood vessels with exceptional precision.

Additionally, the 3D view provided by robotic systems magnifies the surgical field up to ten times compared to traditional open surgery.

Dr. Shah elaborated on the benefits of using specialized dyes during robotic procedures, which help surgeons identify crucial blood supplies within organs and the ureters during complex surgeries.

Interactive Discussion:

The informative session concluded with a lively question-and-answer segment moderated by Dr. Avinash Tank, Secretary of the Satellite Medical Association.

This interactive session allowed healthcare professionals in attendance to gain a deeper understanding of robotic surgery’s potential in cancer treatment and address any queries they may have had.

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