Dr AvinashTank, is a super-specialist (MCh) Laparoscopic Gastro-intestinal Surgeon,

International Patient | Medical Tourism

Best Medical Tourism & International Patient Hospital in Ahmedabad, India

Dwarika Super-speciality Hospital is the best international patient treatment & medical tourism centre in Ahmedabad, India.
We offer compressive care programme where you will get most appropriate treatment of all
digestive organ diseases.
Our centre is having most experienced and super-specialist doctor of Ahmedabad along with team of
physician, intensivist, dietician, nurses and specialized physiotherapist to take care of all & high-risk
Our centre is equipped with all latest facilities to deliver world class treatment.
We got privileged to treat not only the peoples of various corners of India, but also the peoples of
various corner of continents like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Afrika, UAE. Thus, we are most
preferred destination for all people of world for cancer treatment of liver, pancreas & gastro-
intestinal organs like Esophagus, stomach, colon & rectum.

Easy Process for Medical Treatment in Ahmedabad, India

We have treated patients from all across the world

Muniram (Weight Loss)

Patient Name : Muniram 

Country: Canada

Hazi Yasmin (Acidity)

Patient Name :Hazi Yasmin

Country :Africa

Ruchita (Weight Loss)

Patient Name :Ruchita

Country : Australia

Valand (Acidity)

Patient Name :Valand

Country :UK

Basir (Weight Loss)

Patient Name :Basir

Country :Dubai

Parmanand (Gallblader stone)

Patient Name :Parmanand

Country :USA


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Digestive Disease Treatment & Weight Loss Treatment


Bariatric Surgery

Stomach, Intestine & Colon Treatment

Cancer treatment of Liver and Digestive organs

Laparoscopic Treatment

Gallbladder Treatment

Acidity Treatment

Diabetes Reversal


What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism refers to the practice of traveling to another country for
medical treatment or procedures, often seeking more affordable or higher
quality healthcare options

Why is Ahmedabad (Why is Ahmedabad (India) a popular destination for medical tourism?India) a popular destination for medical tourism?

Ahmedabad (India) has become a popular destination for medical tourism due
to its world-class healthcare facilities, highly trained doctors, advanced
technology, and affordable costs compared to many Western countries.

What types of medical treatments are available in India?

India offers a wide range of medical treatments and procedures, including
Weight loss surgeries, Laparoscopic Surgeries for Digestive organs, Organ
transplants, Cancer treatments, Joint Replacement surgeries, cosmetic
procedures, fertility treatments, dental treatments and more.

Are Indian doctors and medical staff well-trained and experienced?

Yes, Indian doctors and medical staff are known for their expertise and skills.
Many doctors in India have received education and training from renowned
institutions around the world. Indian hospitals often have internationally
accredited doctors and follow stringent quality standards.
Our expert, Dr Avinash Tank, got his medical education from best and pioneer
centre of India (www.sgpgims.ac.in) & he got international fellowship from
Japan & South Korea.

What is the cost advantage of medical treatment in Ahmedabad (India)?

One of the primary reasons for choosing Ahmedabad, India for medical
tourism is the cost advantage. Medical treatments in India can be significantly
more affordable compared to Western countries, sometimes up to 70-80%
less expensive.

Is language a barrier for international patients in India?

No. Most Indian healthcare facilities have staff who are proficient in English
and can communicate effectively with international patients. Language
interpreters may also be available to ensure proper communication and

Are Indian hospitals and clinics equipped with modern technology?

Yes, Indian hospitals and clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology
and medical equipment. Many facilities invest heavily in advanced
infrastructure and regularly update their equipment to provide the best
possible care to patients.
Our centre has all equipment of latest technology to deliver highest quality of
care in affordable cost.

What are the visa requirements for medical tourists in India?

International patients visiting India for medical purposes typically need to
obtain a Medical Visa (MED-VISA).
This visa allows them to stay in India for the duration of their treatment. The
specific requirements and application process can be obtained from the Indian
embassy or consulate in your home country.

How can I arrange travel and accommodation for my medical trip to India?

There are various options to arrange travel and accommodation for your
medical trip.
You can choose to make arrangements independently or utilize the services of
medical tourism facilitators who can assist with travel bookings,
accommodation, local transportation, and other logistics.

How do I communicate my medical records to the Indian healthcare provider?

Before traveling to India, it is recommended to contact us for Quick Video
Consultation to understand your medical problems. You may need to provide
them with relevant medical reports, test results, and other documents in
advance through secure digital channels or email or WhatsApp.

Can I combine my medical trip with tourism in India?

Yes, many medical tourists combine their treatment with tourism activities in

The country offers a rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and popular
tourist destinations, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy their time in India.

Are there any risks or complications associated with medical tourism in India?

As with any medical procedure, there are inherent risks and potential
complications involved. However, choosing reputable hospitals, following pre-
and post-treatment guidelines, and engaging in thorough communication with
the healthcare providers can minimize such risks.

Does Indian medical insurance cover international patients?

Indian medical insurance typically caters to Indian citizens, and international
patients may not be eligible for coverage. However, it is advisable to check
with your insurance provider to explore any available options or consider
purchasing international medical travel insurance.

Can I bring a companion with me during my medical trip to India?

Yes, you should bring a companion with you during your medical trip to India.
We provide accommodation options for patients and their companions,
allowing them to stay together and provide emotional support during the
treatment process.

Can I consult with doctors in India before making a decision?

Yes. We always encourage oversee person to consult our doctor before they
plan to travel through video conferencing or telemedicine. This allows you to
discuss your medical condition, seek opinions, and gather information before
making a decision.

How do I plan for aftercare once I return to my home country?

We always provide you with a detailed aftercare plan and instructions to follow
once you return to your home country.
It may involve regular check-ups, medication management, rehabilitation, or
any other necessary measures for a successful recovery.

We always one click away to solve any of your health issue via WhatsApp or
Quick Video Consultation.

Can I get post-treatment follow-up care in my home country?

Yes, it is possible to arrange for post-treatment follow-up care in your home
We maintain communication with patients and their local doctors to ensure
seamless continuity of care after returning home.

How long should I plan to stay in India for medical treatment?

The duration of your stay in India will depend on the nature of your medical
treatment or procedure. It can range from a few days for minor procedures to
several weeks for complex treatments or surgeries. Get Quick Video
Consultation with us to understand your recovery time and stay in
Ahmedabad (India).

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